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Do you wish your young athlete was a faster player? Could more speed really change his or her game for the better? Have you tried to push through hard work, relentless conditioning and long hours with little or no real results? Contrary to many beliefs, yes, speed can be taught and it changes lives. I have found that the secret is right in front of us but we are too busy working hard to see it. The "How" speed is taught and the "How" an athlete learns is the most important first step. I am now sharing my success methods for teaching speed via my new book series that discuss my experience, training, and research covering the topic of teaching speed. My system focuses on not just the physiology of the human body but the “Psychology of Speed Training.” The secrets to how great athletes think while in motion. You can't do what you don't yet know until you learn how it works! 

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What's Inside?


Book I

Book I Examines how it's possible to improve athletic speed mentally and physiologically. It discusses why it's important and how speed improvement is a life changer via improved personal confidence. It's a dynamic yet organic style of teaching from the athlete's point of reference. It's how to run faster with less effort!


Book II

Book II is a video ebook. It’s fully interactive with live active links. There are more than 20 instructional speed training videos that play right on your computer or mobile device. The Book II speed training videos focu on three separate videos per each drill. The first video focuses on HOW to do the drill, the second video focuses on WHAT TO THINK ABOUT while doing the drill, and the third video focuses on the VARIATIONS that can be created off the base drill.


Book III

Book III is a about the psychological influences that impact athletic speed, agility and quickness before, during and after any specific game, play or drill. Every athlete harbors some level of mental challenges that directly affects their performance. It’s the study of Sport and Exercise Psychology as it relates to the athlete, coach, trainer and parent.  

About the Author

Kenneth Taylor, Sport Speed Expert, is a SAQ Pioneer and former Professional Football Player (NFL) and World-class Track Athlete.

He played Corner Back and Punt Returner for the 1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl XX Championship team and the San Diego Chargers. Since retiring from Pro football, he has become a well recognized Sport Speed Specialist. For over 25 years, Ken has coached and trained thousands of athletes from all different sports from various professional and educational institutions and corporations including middle/ high schools, colleges/universities, city leagues, Nike, the FBI, and professional players in soccer, tennis, baseball, the NFL, the NBA, and their kids! Ken earned his BS degree from Oregon State University where he concentrated on “Exercise and Sports Science, Exercise Physiology, and Biomechanical Movement.” He has earned many awards including PAC-10 All-Academic Team 1982, 1983, and 1984 and was the PAC-10 Scholar-Athlete Medal Winner for 1984 representing track and football. He has conducted multiple speed seminars and written many speed articles, books and video instructions. Kenneth is also the founder of NASAQ (National Association of Speed~Agility~Quickness) and Speed Dr. Speed training system. 

What People Are Saying

Chris Delpi, Bel Air, MD

Son: Hayden, Soccer

“Ken, I can't wait for you to see the next video we made. You have done more to improve Hayden's

running then all years of training we have been through. I do have another video to send you and we are anxious to get your analysis and additional drills. I can’t thank you enough Coach Taylor. Hayden and I

both watched all three videos and completely understand what we have to do.”

On a personnel note, you mention in your book about a parent arguing with his or her son due to the

frustration involved with speed/quickness. I feel somewhat like a fool for always feeling it was about

effort and not something else.”

Ed Devine, York, NY

Son and Daughter, Lacrosse, Soccer

Hi Ken, I bought your training manual a few months ago and find it extremely useful. I like the simple approach and techniques you discuss to help my kids learn the fundamentals of running faster. Now that I have watched your videos, I can now spot flaws in an athlete’s sprint. In fact I had to bite my tongue when I had the urge to point out a few of the flaws that some of their college runners where making.

How To Run Faster With Ease!